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GOP Debate Bingo!

Watch the GOP Debate in Cleveland this Thursday and play along with ProgressOhio’s Bingo Game.

To view and download the bingo card as a pdf, click here.

Tell the Ohio state school board to fire Richard Ross

We Need Leaders

Please tell the state school board to fire Ross and bring in the type of education leader Ohio deserves.

For too long, state school superintendent Richard Ross has hurt our kids and wasted our money by covering up for failing charter schools. It’s time for the Ohio State Board of Education to fire Richard Ross as Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Sign the Petition Here! 

Stop the Threat to Women’s Health

wontgoThere are certain choices that should be made between a woman and her doctor. Unfortunately, Ohio politicians are taking away health care options for women. That’s why ProgressOhio is teaming up with a doctor to send a message to our politicians to trust women. We need you to get involved

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“NAFTA on Steroids”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement — a trade deal being negotiated between the US and dozens of other countries — is the fossil fuel industry’s latest tool to shut down climate action, and today begins a huge fight to stop it.

The TPP would give foreign fossil fuel corporations the right to sue city, state and national governments if climate action hurts their profits. It’s an enormous corporate power grab, at the expense of our democracy and our climate.

Legislation that would allow the TPP to pass, called Fast Track, faces a close vote in Congress — if enough Members of Congress come out against this plan in the next few weeks, it stops it in its tracks.

Help Stop TPP! 

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Sandra HegerOr..... do i blow off utilities and buy food???

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ProgressOhio shared CAP Action's event.

If you'll be in the Cleveland area during the GOP Presidential Debate this Thursday, we encourage you to join us for a viewing party!

8:00pm - Welcome, games, and trivia
9:00pm - Candidate debate begins

Hosted by SEIU District 1199, ProgressOhio, Majority Ohio, Naral Pro-Choice Ohio, and CAP Action. All are welcome!

SEIU District 1199 Union Hall
1771 East 30th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
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GOP Presidential Debate Watch Party

Aug 6, 8:00pm

SEIU District 1199 Union Hall - 1771 East 30th Street, Cleveland 44114

Please join SEIU District 1199, ProgressOhio, Majority Ohio, Naral Pro-Choice Ohio, and CAP Action for a GOP Presidential Debate Watch Party. All are welcome! 8:00pm - Welcome, games, and trivia 9:00...

Juan ReynosoBy: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist - Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty. The truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties. Fellow Americans, we need a Political revolution to save our country. Seek the truth and learn the facts through Alternative News Sources. Fellow American, Join The Political Revolution. Do not let the News media brain washed you. We must never forget that the news media is owned and controlled by the oligarchs, the US news media is their propaganda machinery and their job is to promote their puppet that will serve them, just like George Bush the Father and George Bush the son, Bill Clinton and Obama. You need to seek the truth and ask yourselves; what these presidents done to our country and who passed the free trade legislations that demised millions of American’s jobs and who promoted the wars to get our country to the point of economic collapse. You do not have to be a genius; just use your common sense. Today we have only two candidates that can save America from its own demise, they are Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul, one a Democrat and the other a Republican, they are being attacked by the news media, ridiculed and discredit, the News Media want to destroy them because they are a threat to this corrupt government establishment that is controlled by the oligarchs. The oligarchs will spend billions of Dollars to place in the white house the puppet that will do whatever they want to control our country and promote their agenda “the globalization and control of the world economic". The question is; we the people will let the oligarchs money buy our government, own and control our country so they can enslave us, or we will join the political revolution and place in the White House Bernie Sanders or Rand Paul and take our country back; any one of them will be our best choice to save our country and rebuild America, the land of the free. Please help us to seek the true. Send this letter to every one you know independent radio TV and alternative news, YouTube, universities and high schools news sites; our youth need to know is their future they can help us to take our country back. Please spread the word. To share this please clicks here - Share Seek the truth.

5 days ago

Dh FabianThe more truthful the criticism, the more outraged it makes many Americans.

5 days ago

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ProgressOhio News

  • What to expect from the first GOP presidential debate, based on what candidates have said beforeWhat to expect from the first GOP presidential debate, based on what candidates have said before
    Tomorrow is the first GOP Presidential debate and we are really excited. With a rather crowded field, it’s not easy to listen to what all of these guys (Carly won’t be participating in the debate, unfortunately) are proposing by their candidacy, should they win the presidency in 2016. Since a 10-man stage will no doubt be overwhelming to take in, politically, and
  • ProgressOhio’s Executive Director Sandy Theis reacts to state school board letter to Dick RossProgressOhio’s Executive Director Sandy Theis reacts to state school board letter to Dick Ross
    We are taking a beating in the media, and we deserve it. That’s the opening line of a letter sent yesterday (Aug. 3) to state superintendent of public instruction Dr. Richard Ross from seven members of the state school board. The purpose of the brutal missive is to make a case for the hiring of “an independent firm to investigate you and the Department
  • Concerns about child poverty in Ohio, support needed to feed low-income childrenConcerns about child poverty in Ohio, support needed to feed low-income children
    There are more children living in poverty in Ohio than there were at the height of the recession in 2008. In fact, according to 2015 Kids Count data, recently released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Ohio’s child-poverty rate increased from 18 percent in 2008 to 23 percent today – that represents 590,000 children living
  • ProgressOhio Statement on Today’s Anti-Planned Parenthood RallyProgressOhio Statement on Today’s Anti-Planned Parenthood Rally
    Ohio Right to Life and its allies have scheduled a statehouse rally today to continue the decades-long pattern of harassing Planned Parenthood and the services they provide to women. The rally was inspired by heavily edited videos that falsely accuse Planned Parenthood of illegal activity. The following is a statement from ProgressOhio Executive Director Sandy Theis: