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Tell the Ohio state school board to fire Richard Ross

We Need Leaders

Please tell the state school board to fire Ross and bring in the type of education leader Ohio deserves.

For too long, state school superintendent Richard Ross has hurt our kids and wasted our money by covering up for failing charter schools. It’s time for the Ohio State Board of Education to fire Richard Ross as Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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Stop the Threat to Women’s Health

There are certain choices that should be made between a woman and her doctor. Unfortunately, Ohio politicians are taking away health care options for women. That’s why ProgressOhio is teaming up with a doctor to send a message to our politicians to trust women. We need you to get involved

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“NAFTA on Steroids”


The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement — a trade deal being negotiated between the US and dozens of other countries — is the fossil fuel industry’s latest tool to shut down climate action, and today begins a huge fight to stop it.

The TPP would give foreign fossil fuel corporations the right to sue city, state and national governments if climate action hurts their profits. It’s an enormous corporate power grab, at the expense of our democracy and our climate.

Legislation that would allow the TPP to pass, called Fast Track, faces a close vote in Congress — if enough Members of Congress come out against this plan in the next few weeks, it stops it in its tracks.

Help Stop TPP! 

Two of the five PUCO board members (who will be making the decision on whether or not FirstEnergy will receive a bailout for an outdated coal plant) have financial ties to FirstEnergy. All five board members were also appointed by Governor Kasich who received donations from FirstEnergy. Conflict of interest? Definitely. Hopefully the right decision is made. ... See MoreSee Less

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cc: Bridge Project on this disturbing information about Ohio's Koch problem.
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Thank you Kenneth Cole for your strong leadership and support for #GunReform.

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Tara ReprogleActually, study after study shows that with increased gun ownership, rates of gun injury, death, and suicide all rise significantly. Here are four, one from Harvard, University of Sydney, American Journal of Medicine, and American Journal of Epidemiology. While people can kill people without guns, having widespread access to guns makes it much, much easier. We may not have the ability to prevent lightening striking, but we can drastically reduce the number of people killed by guns (and not just by maniacs that are all over the news). And these can be laws that still allow for hunting, gun collecting, shooting ranges, and personal use. The harder we make buying guns, the more law-abiding and responsible people will have them, and the fewer lone wolf crazies will be able to get them. In addition, reducing gun ownership raises the cost of illegal guns. So, while "outlaws will be the only ones with guns," reducing access/ownership of guns actually makes it much, much harder for crazies to get guns. In Australia, after their gun-buy-back program, which still allows for all types of recreational gun use and ownership, the same gun the Sandy Hook shooter used would cost $15,000 to buy on the black market - if you could even find someone to sell one to you. It only cost him $1,500 to buy here in the States, and he could buy one from a store. This is why I am in favor of expanding gun regulations. Not everyone is responsible, stable, or non-violent enough to have guns and we could go a long way in making our churches, schools, universities, streets, recruiter stations, movie theaters and society safer for innocent people.

18 hours ago   ·  9

Cheri CampbellOy. And most people with mental illness have no desire to murder anyone. Suicide, maybe. Sorry, Brady Campaign. This ad campaign isn't well thought out.

19 hours ago   ·  3

Glenn GrootegoedStatistically speaking, you are more likely to get killed by lightning than being shot by a maniac. People will kill people whether they have a gun or not.

19 hours ago   ·  2

Glenn GrootegoedSo what about traffic based fatalities? Not every person with mental illness has access to care, but they all have access to cars. Should we make it harder for people to get cars? Do violent driving video games contribute? It's a slippery slope, and this advertisement is heavy handed.

18 hours ago   ·  1

Jakob ScottGuns ain't wat kills people r ok in example a screw don't unscrew it's self it takes someone to unscrew it with a tool the gun is the tool so with out it they would just find another tool

14 hours ago   ·  1

Jeff BrooksYes I think Tara is on to something. I already have all the guns I need and no one will find them to take them so this will make them ten times more valuable. I'm going out today and buy more so I can afford to live since you libs gave away all the social security trust funds.

18 hours ago   ·  1

Guru Von-GuruMaybe that shows that we should make access to mental health services easier to obtain, and less stigmatized. The less people that want to hurt others because they're getting treatment, the less people will commit violence using *any* type of weapon. Why is it OK to admit that we're going to ignore a percentage of the population that needs mental health care, and refuse to give them access to the care and treatment that they need?

13 hours ago

Tiffany HaagWell I called it. Let's blame the people who are taking their meds and trying to live with stigma of mental illness than understanding the people with no diagnosis (aka, denial) are the real threat. That means normal people, like you, are more likely to blow up.

16 hours ago

Heather TomasiniTHATS a scary and true reality!

19 hours ago

Sharon LockardThere are at least 300 million people in the U.S. all of whom can access a gun. Mentally ill people are far more likely to be the victim of a violent crime .

12 hours ago

Donald WashingtonThis is Ronald Reagan's mess.

11 hours ago

Luka Moses ReinhardtHoping that the upcoming NSA Gun Lobbyist Picnic will have several Target Competitions and plenty of booze.

18 hours ago   ·  1

Kathryn HahnIf everyone carries a gun it will be the wild west all over again.

15 hours ago

Noelle Davisand some of them can access politics

6 hours ago

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