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JD Vance Flip Flops, AGAIN!


Have you seen the news? In an effort to appeal to voters, MAGA Republican candidate JD Vance continues to flip-flop his way through this election to whatever he feels that day.

This time, MAGA extremist JD Vance flip-flops his stance on Social Security and Medicare. Not sure whether he supports these vital senior programs or if he wants to privatize them!

Not only that, his latest finance report also tells us he flip-flopped on his position to not receive corporate pac money for his campaign.

And how could we forget JD Vance’s change of heart for Donald Trump the moment it became politically advantageous for him. Give me a break.

JD Vance’s latest campaign finance report also shows us his campaign is broke and in debt $700k. Even asking donors to help pay down his debt before funding his senate campaign. That doesn’t sound good.

JD Vance is taking a backseat to his campaign but extremist politicians like Vance will say and do whatever they can to win. We’re not gonna let him get away with it. JD Vance is out of touch and in over his head. He has no business representing us in the United States Senate.