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Wait…Nazi endorses JD Vance?


We’re serious. MAGA Republican Senate hopeful JD Vance’s latest supporter is none other than Andrew Anglin, an actual Neo-Nazi. In his post, Anglin expressed support and said Vance was “going to change the entire game”.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that Anglin “…is infamous for the crudity of his language and his thinking, a contrast to his sophistication as a prolific Internet troll and serial harasser.”

MAGA Republican extremists are so out-of-touch they are appealing to leaders of the most anti-American hate group. 

Besides Nazis, JD Vance also secured an endorsement from the Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party outside spending group. A group whose former chairman joked about American slavery being a “good gig”

We are disgusted and we’re not gonna have it…and neither is Ohio. 

This week, Axios reported that Senator Mitch McConnell’s latest game is to turn 3,000 future Ohio jobs into his political football. Meanwhile, JD Vance remains silent and lacks the courage to stand up to Senator Mitch McConnell. JD Vance certainly doesn’t want to tick off the MAGA Republican machine so he runs scared and caves under pressure. 

Vance’s comments on replacement theory, calling rape an inconvenience”, and his opposition to the bipartisan infrastructure package are also not doing him any favors among Ohio voters.

Luckily, Tim Ryan’s campaign announced raising $9.1M in Q2! More than doubling the amount raised in Q1. Fueled by over 90,000 new donors with contributions averaging $37.49 per donor, Ryan’s campaign for U.S. Senate is showing momentum.

Whatever up side a Nazi thinks he sees in JD Vance is horrifying and dangerous. MAGA extremist JD Vance is out of touch has no place representing us in the United States Senate.