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Fired FirstEnergy Executives Gave Big to DeWine, Ohio GOP Electeds


Will DeWine and other Republicans ditch their dirty cash?

Last night, news broke that FirstEnergy had fired its CEO and other top executives involved in the HB 6 scandal. They cited violations of their code of conduct related to the federal investigation as the reason for their departure. This news came just hours after several of Larry Householder’s associates took plea bargains, including Juan Cespedes, who was allegedly the connection between FirstEnergy and Team Householder. 

Unsurprisingly, these fired executives gave lavishly to the campaigns of Ohio Republicans, including Gov. Mike DeWine. The DeWine/Husted committee received more than $36,000 from these executives and their families members. Frank Larose cleared over $35,000, while Keith Faber and Matt Huffman each received $5,000. 

“FirstEnergy’s Board of Directors can smell the stink of corruption on these executives – can Mike DeWine and other Ohio Republicans?” said ProgressOhio Managing Director Michael McGovern. “DeWine keeps contorting himself to keep his dirty cash – will this be any different?”

A full breakdown of the donations is available here.

Gov. DeWine has previously declined to return donations from FirstEnergy and other companies linked to the scandal because they had not been explicitly accused of wrongdoing. Now that FirstEnergy has fired top executives for violating its code of conduct as the company carries out an internal review related to the federal investigation, will DeWine finally return the dirty cash?

This entire scandal feels like pulling teeth – after each new piece of information is uncovered, DeWine and other Ohio Republicans manage to find the bare minimum they can do to satisfy demands for accountability. The truth is this: the entire Ohio GOP is built on corruption and voters have a chance next week to hold them accountable.