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Are Householder’s HB6 cronies coming to save Rep. Al Cutrona?


Larry Househodler’s biggest HB6 allies are pouring money into HD 59, trying to save their pal, Rep. Al Cutrona

New fundraising numbers released last week show that disgraced former Speaker Larry Householder’s staunchest supporters and partners in the HB 6 scheme are pouring money in to try and save Al Cutrona, Householder’s handpicked candidate in HD59. 

Rep. Bill Seitz, a staunch supporter of Householder and HB 6, sent Cutrona $13,000. Rep. Seitz’s previous attempts to bail out FirstEnergy are under federal investigation. He was also named in a recent investigation as being a part of an FBI sting targeting indicted lobbyist Neil Clark and Householder.

Rep. Shane Wilkin sent Rep. Cutrona $5,000. Rep. Wilkin was the primary sponsor of the corrupt HB 6 legislation.

Rep. Jay Edwards, “Representative 8” in the federal criminal complaint, sent Rep. Cutrona $13,292 – the maximum allowed. Like Rep. Seitz, Rep. Edwards was a part of Householder’s leadership team and has refused to step down. Despite claiming he knew nothing of the corruption, he is on an FBI recording of a dinner where Householder discussed the scheme. 

In total, this dirty money represents nearly 30% of the total money Cutrona has raised. 

“Larry Householder put Al Cutrona in office, so why should we be surprised that Householder’s corrupt cavalry is charging in to save him?” said ProgressOhio Managing Director Michael McGovern. “This money is no different than the dirty cash Cutrona has received from Larry Householder and FirstEnergy.”