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Yost is Compromised – ProgressOhio Demands Independent Prosecutor for GOP Scandal Investigation


Yost is knee deep in the HB6 scandal – can we trust him to do the right thing?

Attorney General Dave Yost has announced that he will hold a press conference this afternoon on HB6. But it’s important to keep Yost’s newfound zeal for investigating this scandal in context. Yost is too compromised to lead this investigation. 

What Ohio needs is an independent special prosecutor to fully examine the fraud committed by Larry Householder, FirstEnergy, and their Republican enablers

“Dave Yost is knee deep in this scandal, which includes his top political advisor. He’s totally compromised. How can we trust him to do the right thing?” asked ProgressOhio Managing Director Michael McGovern. “We need an independent special prosecutor – not another posturing Republcan. That’s the only way trust can be restored.”

Dave Yost’s Corruption Problem: 

Yost has $75,000 in dirty money tied to this scandal

Yost has received nearly $75,000 in campaign donations from people and entities linked to the scandal. This includes big contributions from Matt Borges, FirstEnergy PAC, Murray Energy PAC and Wayne Boich. More details are below. 

Yost’s former campaign manager is Matt Borges

Remember, this is not Matt Borges’s first run in with the law. In 2004, Borges pleaded guilty to carrying out a pay-to play-scheme in the office of state Auditor Joe Deters (now the Hamilton County prosecutor). But that didn’t hold him back: he would go on to lead Yost’s campaign for Auditor in 2014. For Yost, corruption has no consequences. How can we trust his judgment? 

Yost failed to investigate this scandal last year

Let’s not fall for this again: in September of last year – as we all learned about the tactics being used by HB6 supporters – Yost promised to investigate. Yet months later, nothing came of it. His explanation? No one wanted to talk to the AG’s office about committing crimes (surprise!). Does he think this time will be different? We need a real investigation, not more posturing. 

Yost has a record of dropping the ball on fraud investigations

Yost, an ECOT cheerleader, has also failed to investigate that scandal. The school folded over two years ago, but no criminal charges have been filed and Yost keeps delaying his lawsuit to get our money back from ECOT founder Bill Lager. Of course, Yost gave ECOT an accounting award as state Auditor. 

The only option is for Yost to step aside and appoint an independent special investigator. Nothing less should be acceptable. 

Yost Dirty Money Details:

Corrupt PlayerContribution to Yost
Matt Borges$11,500
Company A (FirstEnergy PAC)$9,000
FirstEnergy executives$5,250
Company C (Wayne Boich)$36,416
Murray Energy PAC$12,700

Source: Ohio Secretary of State campaign finance filings