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The Weak, Pathetically Out-Of-Step Ohio Legislature


In a shocking story by the Ohio Capital Journal, Senate President Larry Obhof finally admitted to having no interest in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic:

“What magic law do you want me to want me to pass that will increase the number of tests? What’s your magic number for tests? Every single issue that everyone deals with is not an issue for the Ohio Revised Code.”

In a rational world, during a once in a century pandemic, our elected lawmakers would be doing everything in their power to fight this virus and keep Ohioans safe. They’d increase public health funding, fix our broken unemployment system, and, at the very least, model good public behavior. 

But not in Ohio. Here, GOP stands for Got Other Priorities.  

And what are those priorities? Spreading wild conspiracy theories, undermining and impeaching the governor, and bailing out their campaign donors. All while Ohioans die and our economy crumbles. 

“It’s not that they lack creativity. These are the same people smart enough to concoct a $61 million bribery-for-legislation scheme that involved secret accounts, undisclosed donations, and front companies,”said ProgressOhio Managing Director Michael McGovern. 

“What Ohio Republicans lack is the actual desire to act with urgency to protect Ohio families. Like Trump, they can’t meet the moment because they are incapable of doing so.”

As we said yesterday, it’s time for the true “repeal and replace” — repeal the awful legislation the Republican legislature is passing and replace the GOP with elected officials who actually want to govern.