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House GOP Shows They Need to Be Replaced if We Want to Repeal HB6


In response to today’s hearing on bills dealing with HB6, in which Republicans blocked a bill to repeal the corrupt legislation, ProgressOhio Managing Director Michael McGovern issued the following statement:

“When Hollywood stars used secret bribes to secure college admissions for their children, the government and universities launched investigations, corporations withdrew endorsements, and studios canceled upcoming deals. Institutions held people accountable. 

“But while the federal government investigates the breathtaking level of bribes and underhanded tactics that helped pass HB6, Ohio’s own state government – led by Republicans – refuses to hold anyone accountable. This is rotten to its core and Republicans know it –  yet they do nothing about it.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Republican House members, who still have tens of thousands of dollars in dirty campaign donations from FirstEnergy and Larry Householder, continue to support HB6 and its corrupt bailout. Public trust won’t be restored until HB6 is repealed, the dirty money is returned, and these corrupt GOP politicians are replaced.”