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Hottinger Linked to New FirstEnergy Scandal Analysis


Hottinger owes voters an explanation, must give back or  donate dirty money

Last week, the Cincinnati Enquirer published an analysis finding that FirstEnergy donated $158,000 to political candidates just days before Larry Householder and others were arrested for their massive corruption scandal. Some are calling it an attempt to buy an “insurance policy” for the corrupt scheme. 

Sen. Jay Hottinger was named as having been sent $2,500. He has previously received $8,500 in campaign money from FirstEnergy, which is at the center of a massive corruption scandal. 

FirstEnergy now says some of the checks were not sent. But at least some Republicans have confirmed that they did receive the money and then donated it. Others have said that if they do get the checks, they will return them. 

ProgressOhio is calling on Hottinger to answer two questions:

  1. Did Hottinger receive the money FirstEnergy attempted to donate to him days before Householder was arrested? If so, will he return it?
  2. When will he return other dirty money they have received from people and groups linked to the huge HB6 corruption scandal?

“If Sen. Hottinger did receive this dirty money, they need to donate it immediately, along with any other corrupt cash they’ve received from those connected to this scandal,”said ProgressOhio Managing Director Michael McGovern. “Voters deserve an explanation and elected officials they can trust.”

ProgressOhio, a statewide advocacy organization, is leading the fight to hold politicians accountable for their corruption.