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ProgressOhio Brings on New Staff to Focus on GOP Corruption


Today, ProgressOhio brought on Michael McGovern as the organization’s new Managing Director. ProgressOhio has been largely dormant for the last year, but will now focus on the FirstEnergy/Householder corruption scandal, especially the extensive connections to Republicans state legislators, state Supreme Court Justices Judith French and Sharon Kennedy, and other GOP elected officials.

“I’m excited to jump into this work and begin educating Ohioans about the immense corruption carried out by Speaker Larry Householder and all of his Republican enablers,” said McGovern on his new role. 

“Years of one-party rule have allowed pay-to-play politics to run rampant in the Ohio GOP. From my perspective, the House and Senate Republican caucuses, Gov. Mike DeWine and other statewide officials, and the entire Ohio Republican Party all need to answer for their role in this scandal that has hurt each and every family in Ohio.”

ProgressOhio has long served as an important progressive voice in Ohio, holding politicians accountable and leading policy and advocacy campaigns. 

McGovern has previously worked at Innovation Ohio, the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, and a variety of statewide and national campaigns. He lives in Dayton, the most interesting city in America.