Who We Are

Sandy Theis
Executive Director
Sandy Theis serves as Executive Director of ProgressOhio, a post she assumed in March 2015. In her short tenure, she is most proud of exposing a series of charter school scandals that led to passage of a charter school reforms; helping pass legislative redistricting reform; and managing to sneak and unfurl a banner into the Ohio House of Representatives on the day the chamber voted to defund Planned Parenthood.
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Monica Moran
Managing Director
Monica Moran serves as the Managing Director of ProgressOhio, a post she assumed in September 2016, after serving both as a member and later Chair of the Board. Monica, a Youngstown native, previously worked as the Public Affairs Director for SEIU District 1199 having started as an organizer with the local.
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Tyler Dillon
Digital Specialist
Tyler Dillon joined ProgressOhio in May 2017 and serves as the Digital Communications and Fundraising Specialist. From field to finance to research to communications for campaigns and on the official side, Tyler has worked in almost every department there is in politics.
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Democratic Voices
Social Media Communications
Democratic Voices is a nonpartisan, mission-based organization that works to connect Ohio voters to the political process by leveraging digital, visual, and social communications to enhance the efficacy of progressive causes. Our work on behalf of ProgressOhio represents some of the most robust, vital communications we're involved in for any of our partner organizations.