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The “Guns Everywhere” bill belongs NOWHERE in Ohio law

Guns do not belong in day-care centers, police and sheriff offices, or public universities and colleges. But legislators in Ohio are advancing legislation that would allow just that. Sub H.B. 48 is quickly moving through the general assembly. 

Please add your name to the petition below and tell the Ohio Legislature you’re joining with law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, faculty and students in opposing legislation that would allow guns in day-care centers, police stations, and school campuses.

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Tell the Ohio state school board to fire Richard Ross

We Need Leaders

Please tell the state school board to fire Ross and bring in the type of education leader Ohio deserves.

For too long, state school superintendent Richard Ross has hurt our kids and wasted our money by covering up for failing charter schools. It’s time for the Ohio State Board of Education to fire Richard Ross as Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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Stop the Threat to Women’s Health

There are certain choices that should be made between a woman and her doctor. Unfortunately, Ohio politicians are taking away health care options for women. That’s why ProgressOhio is teaming up with a doctor to send a message to our politicians to trust women. We need you to get involved

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