Breaking! Columbus Man Admits Planning Attacks On Secretary of State Brunner

On the same day ORP Vice Chair Kevin Dewine accused Secretary Brunner of making up a security breach and played down threats against her life, the Ohio Highway Patrol has announced that they now have Dana R. McArtor of Riveria Court in custody charged with third-degree felony intimidation.

In a phone call last week, Mcartor threatened to assassinate Brunner.

McArtor was being held last night in the Franklin County jail without bond, pending an appearance in county Municipal Court this morning. The intimidation charge is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine, patrol spokesman Lt. Tony Bradshaw said.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien filed requests that McArtor be placed under a $1 million bond and undergo a psychiatric evaluation. O’Brien noted that McArtor served two years in prison for a 1992 sexual-battery conviction in Perry County.

McArtor’s threat was among several received by Brunner, her family and various state employees. McArtor’s death threat was reportedly left at the Columbus office in a phone call received by one of Brunner’s employees.

In a separate incident earlier this week, the Secretary of State’s internet web site was shut down temporarily due to a security breach.

ODP Chairman Chris Redfern on the Ohio Republican Party’s Attacks on Secretary Brunner

 Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement in response to the attacks made by Republican Party leaders against Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner during their press conference today:

"Republican Party leaders sank to an outrageous new low today by accusing the Secretary of State of covering up for election fraud, suggesting that she had fabricated the security breach currently under investigation by the Ohio Highway Patrol, and even downplaying the recent threats made against her life.  The Ohio Republican Party has lost their sense of basic decency in a storm of wild charges, frivolous lawsuits, scare tactics and deeply personal attacks."  


The following is a preliminary transcript of comments made during today’s Ohio Republican Party press conference, including an exchange between an Ohio reporter and Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine: 

Kevin DeWine: And really the latest remarkable excuse was given to us last night when her, uh, and that is the fact that now her, her tech staff, her IT staff could not possibly comply with this request with getting this information out to boards of elections because they are busy fixing a security breach inside the Secretary of State’s office.  I can’t help but wonder whether or not, whether or not that is a, uh, that is a latest excuse or whether in fact there was a real security breach, uh, in the Secretary of State’s office…  Number one, we are calling on the US Attorney’s office to investigate this security breach, this alleged security breach in the Secretary of State’s office.

Reporter:  "You said you weren’t sure about the validity of, about what happened with the security breach.  Do you doubt that there were death threats against Secretary Brunner that have been reported?"

Kevin DeWine:  "I have no idea, I have no information about it.  I know this, Bill, that I get the same sorts of phone calls here.  Pick up the phone out here any day.  We get the same sorts of letters, we get the same sorts of phone calls."

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  • Deborah Latham-White says

    Can You Believe SoS Brunner Now?

    Now that it has been revealed that there was a threat made towards SoS Brunner and her family, do you think that the GOP will believe her now?

    Honestly, the Republican party heads have really been a piece of work during this election year. But what can I honestly expect? They are only following the national leadership of their party.

  • Kim Warren says

    DeWine should apologize

    But he won’t because he has no class

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