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The new Congress returned January 3rd, with repealing the Affordable Care Act as one of their first priority actions.

Advocates anticipated that they will attempt to do this through budget reconciliation. To learn more about how this process will work, please read here.

And on their first day back, Senate Republicans filed a budget resolution setting the wheels in motion and are expected to vote as early as next week.

If Republicans in Congress follow through on their promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), almost 1 million Ohioans could lose coverage. That’s equivalent to the number of people living in Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron and Dayton combined.

This plan to take away health coverage for millions of Ohio families includes, according to HHS:

  • 2 million Ohioans who have benefited from no-cost preventive services
  • 1 million Ohioans who no longer have to worry about lifetime caps
  • 664,000 Ohioans who gained coverage
  • 243,000 Ohioans who received tax credits for their premiums
  • 81,000 Ohioans under 26 who were able to remain on their parents’ plans

There are three important ways you can make your voice heard during this critical debate!

1. Sign our Petition to Senator Portman

Before our own Senator Rob Portman votes to repeal the ACA, he owes it to Ohioans to present a replacement plan that would not cause Ohio to go backwards.

Sign the petition today, telling Senator Portman Not to Repeal the ACA without a Replacement Plan!

2. Share your Healthcare Story

Consumer voices need to be at the center of our country’s health care debate. Please share your story of Medicaid, Medicare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program or the Affordable Care Act.

Share your story here!

3. Call Senator Rob Portman’s office directly.

Click here for a phone number and sample script!