ProgressOhio is the state’s leading progressive organization, composed of two non-profits: ProgressOhio.org, a 501 (c) (4) organization formed in 2006 to promote progressive causes, and ProgressOhio Education, a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Affiliated with ProgressNow as an earned media hub and People’s Action as a field and coalition leading organization, ProgressOhio has fought privatization and public access issues; serves as a leader on Ohio issue coalitions on voter suppression, redistricting reform, revenue enhancement, women’s rights issues, payday lending reform, and health care issues.

In addition to communicating directly with our 300,000+ members, we serve as coalition partner to hundreds of mission ­aligned groups operating out of the State of Ohio. Our mission is to promote progressive solutions, correct right­wing misinformation, and hold public leaders accountable, helping to make an Ohio that works for everyone.


● Worked with allies and conservatives to promote a bi­partisan redistricting reform proposal that will appear on the November ballot as State Issue 1. Although Ohio is a swing state, nearly two-thirds of its state Senate and Ohio House of Representatives districts were drawn to specifically benefit Republicans. Issue 1 would require maps to reflect the partisan balance of Ohio and end the practice of gerrymandering.

● Produced compelling research that exposed a series of scandals at Ohio charter schools. The controversies included test tampering, sexual misconduct in the classroom and schools that illegally charge the state for phantom students. Reform legislation is pending that would address the scandals and Ohio Auditor David Yost is investigating many of our findings.

● Urged a state watchdog to investigate Senate staff members who were paid to do both state work and political work on state time and using state property, then changed documentation of their work after an investigation by a newspaper. The Ohio Ethics Commission investigation is ongoing.

● Launched an ongoing public affairs campaign to defeat the Trans­ Pacific Partnership, a massive trade deal between the US and countries in the Pacific Rim. Our duties included organizing town hall meetings, ­writing guest columns and letters to the editor, and hosting news conferences.

● Worked with allies to urge legislators to abandon a plan that would have required out­-of-­state college students to pay to register their cars in Ohio in order to vote. We convinced five of the state’s major newspapers to editorialize against this back­door poll tax. The result: poll­ tax plan died.