Senators Cafaro and Grendell Introduce Speed Enforcement Bill

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Legislation would take guesswork out of speeding tickets

Columbus  – Senate Democratic Leader Capri S. Cafaro (D-Hubbard) and Senator Tim Grendell (R-Chesterland) today announced the introduction of Senate Bill 280.  The bipartisan legislation would prohibit law enforcement officers from issuing speeding tickets based solely on visual estimates.
“When Ohio motorists are pulled over for speeding there should be measurable proof rather than someone’s estimate,” said Senator Cafaro.  “This legislation clarifies the Ohio Revised Code to require verifiable evidence to issue speeding tickets.”

SB 280 is in response to a recent decision by the Ohio Supreme Court that said officers can issue speeding tickets without using radar or laser.  The Court’s ruling allows estimates based on visual observation if the officer has been properly trained.   The bill says in part:

“No person shall be arrested, charged or convicted of a violation of any provision of section 4511.21 or 4511.21 of the Revised Code or a substantially similar municipal ordinance based on a peace officer’s unaided visual estimation of the speed of a motor vehicle, trackless trolley or streetcar.”

Under SB 280, law enforcement officers would need verifiable evidence of speeding such as radar, laser or similar devices.  Or in the case of airborne speed enforcement, a calculation based on the amount of time it takes for a vehicle to travel a specific distance.

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